Monday, August 8, 2011

Tie-Dye Shoes

I love wearing color and I love shoes. This project helped me with both, plus it was cheap, easy, super fun, and I ended up with an awesome result.

What you'll need:
Some friends and I went in together and bought a tie dye kit (sharing is the ultimate way to save money on crafts)
*White tennis shoes
We bought our shoes at Target for $9.00

To Do:
The tie dye we had came in bottles and we perfect for dripping the dye onto the shoes. If you don't have bottles, use a syringe or a water dropper.
Make sure your shoes are wet, or the dye won't soak in.
Next choose which colors you want to use and just go with it. (tip: less is more.. the more dye you use, the more likely it will all blend and make a brownish color)
After you're done, leave the shoe outside or in a well aired room.

Tie-Dying isn't just for shirts anymore. You can almost dye anything you want, just be creative and see if it turns out. (shirts, shorts, headbands, shoes, sweatshirts...)
wear 'em with shorts or rolled up jeans and you have the perfect summer look

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